Critique (Daedalus and Icarus)

Name: Maximus Benjamin Bakker

Date: 12/21/2017

Class: Drama

Year: MYP4i2




“Daedalus and Icarus” is a famous play written by Diodorus, of an estimate between 60 and 30 B.C. I think that the core message behind this play is to always listen to your ancestors / elders as for they have wise words. This play greatly demonstrates this in a very unique and as well unrealistic way. During the process of rehearsing and going through many errors and failures I have come to realize that this play is truly a masterpiece. This play managed to demonstrate hubris in a unique way as well as convey a very important message to it’s audience. Whilst rehearsing the play with my group I have came to an understanding that this play is hard to act out as it requires unrealistic actions such as flying. While experimenting we have decided on a technique which will allow us to display flying. This technique requires participation from the chorus, which helps bring the chorus more to into the play.

This play has a very important aspect, which the creator had displayed amazingly. Diodorus managed to create a scene as which the actors are flying. However, he had created this play between 60 and 30 B.C meaning that technology wasn’t available to him. And still he managed to succeed in this play and had managed to make the audience realize that the actor was flying. He managed to display hubris in this process by displaying that the actor feels like he is better than everyone. In our play we have come to a conclusion, the actor will say, “Hah look at your peasants, I’m god!” which greatly displays hubris. Acting as a superior back in those times was considered strong hubris and was truly despised by most people.

The creator had not used the “freeze” technique, however, in our play we wanted to incorporate more techniques to make it more unique and as well maybe improve the play. We used to freeze to give more context on to the play as our play was less detailed than the actual play written by Diodorus. In order to express / explain this detail we managed to incorporate a freeze technique into the play.

This art work / masterpiece had one big weakness which was that it requires one to fly, which, is hard to incorporate into a modern play without using the art of technology such as ropes.

This art work hasn’t really impacted me or my daily life. I feel as if I always respect elders anyways, so it hasn’t really changed my view on things. I feel like it impacts the audience at first view due to the plot twist. In most cases I feel like it will spark a general emotion within the audience, which, makes this one of the ultimate masterpieces. It draws the audience towards the play and reflects on life.

Our overall performance in the play was decent. However, one thing that I would really like to improve for next time is that when someone makes a mistake not to stop acting and laugh however, continue the act as if nothing happened or even better incorporate the mistake into the play and turning it into an advantage. An example of what happened was one of the chorus members was laughing mid play due to a mistake she made. However, instead of stopping her line she could have turned it into an advantage or completely ignored it as if nothing happened. I feel like it was my job to present this while practicing as this didn’t only happen during the assessment play.

The most major thing that our play missed was that chorus. We could have and should have incorporated the chorus more into the play. At most times I felt like it was some child reading with a monotone voice. We memorized our lines by heart and read it, we should have performed it. We could have made time for the actors to clean up the props after their scene by using the chorus to back the actors up or correct their mistakes. For example during our exam one of our actors forgot one whole paragraph of lines.






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